Hi! I am Crystal; the face behind Trout River Photography!

I have an amazing and super supportive husband, Rusty. <3 11.11.18

I am a fur mom to 4 lovely puppers. My husband and I have 2 Great Danes, Apollo and Lola, and 2 mixed breeds, Teagan and Lucky. Apollo is 12/10 rotten boi. Lola is 10/10 naughty pupper. Teagan is 11/10 running girl. Lucky is 10/10 chonky boi.

I love fishing on the boat with my husband! (Don’t worry, we only keep what we will eat that night, and the rest are ‘catch, snap a selfie, and release!’)

Like most Floridians, I am not from Florida; I am a transplant from the Midwest.

I am a lover of history, old houses, and architecture.

I have a weakness for cute office supplies.

I am a foodie. Coffee gives me life. Cheese is everything. Food is art. I should drink more water.

I use gif’s WAY too much! I <3 emoji’s. I LOL a lot in real life.

I use !! a lot because I am a happy and enthusiastic person!

My favorite phrases include: no worries, erh muh gawd, gotcha (this may be a midwest slang phrase), for the win, and same, same.

Wrinkly new baby fingers and toes are my kryptonite.

I want to learn all the time; teach me all the things!


That’s me as a newborn. How cute was I?!?
Adorable, I know, I know. ;)

So my birth story has been told to me time and time again by my parents.

It was December 28th, and there was a snowstorm (remember, I’m originally a Midwest girl); football was on TV. Mom said she felt a lot of pressure that she hadn’t been feeling up to this point in her pregnancy. She said, “Joe, I think we need to go to the hospital, I think it’s time.” But, you know, football…so my Dad asked if she was sure; if it could wait.

No, no it could not wait.

Off they went to the hospital that afternoon, and later, at 11:11 PM, I entered the world! Dad isn’t a fan of blood at all, so he nearly passed out, causing all the nurses in the room to attend to him literally immediately after the Doctor had caught me. Poor Mom. They both laugh about it now though.

Back in 1981, determining the gender before the birth wasn’t really a thing, so surprise, I was a girl, not the boy they had thought. Well guess what, they’d been so sure I was going to be a boy, that they hadn’t even discussed girl names. So, we stayed in the hospital until I got a name, and then we could go home to begin our life as a new family of three.

16 months later, we became a family of 4 and I became a big sister to a little brother, and thus the family was complete.

Birth photography, just like gender determination, wasn’t a thing back in the early 80’s.

we don’t have pictures other than ones that our family took of us. But, I know my birth story, and I try to imagine what it looked like in my head. The pictures that my parents do have help me to imagine it, and I know it helps them to relive and remember those moments too!