Birth Photography Model Call

We take photos of everything these days. I have 14,660 photos on my iPhone, and 10,347 of those are photos of my dogs because those are my kids, (ok, maybe more, maybe less…don’t judge me.) the remaining 4,000 is a mix of selfies of my husband and I, food, memes, and random things I find hilarious while out and about. You are taking photos of everything, and you specifically take a zillion photos of your kids, but what about photos from the exact moment that your child entered the world? I do not have any children, but if I did, I know that I would want to have photos of that moment, without a doubt! There is so much emotion that happens throughout the process of labor; so much that will go by in the blink of an eye and not manage to tuck itself away in one of the big beautiful folds of your brain. You have spent a lot of time planning for, preparing for, imagining, and anticipating this day! What a better way to pay tribute to your new baby than to preserve his or her birth story for you to be able to relay to them as they grow into the person they were born to become.

As I have grown as a photographer, I have discovered that clearly I am passionate about documenting your birth story! To celebrate this, I am doing a birth model call where I am deeply discounting my birth packages for the first 3 momma’s who book with me! I want to create images just like the ones shares above for you and your family to have for years to come! Being part of a model call is NOT scary, so don’t panic! All it means is that you are going to have this beautiful moment in time frozen forever, and I will be using some of the images from your session in my portfolio as examples to future clients. If you are unsure about birth photography, and if it is right for you, let’s chat about what you envision! This is such a great opportunity to capture all of these memories and I would love to be able to do that for your family!