Hi! I am Crystal, the face behind Trout River Photography!

I have an amazing and super supportive husband, Rusty. <3 11.11.18

I am a fur mom to 4 lovely puppers. My husband and I have 2 Great Danes, Apollo and Lola, and 2 mixed breeds, Teagan and Lucky. Apollo is 12/10 rotten boi. Lola is 10/10 naughty pupper. Teagan is 11/10 running girl. Lucky is 10/10 chonky boi.

Like most Floridians, I am not from Florida; I am a transplant from the Midwest.

I am a lover of history, old houses, and architecture.

I have a weakness for cute office supplies.

I am a foodie. Coffee gives me life. Cheese is everything. Food is art. I should drink more water.

I use gif’s WAY too much! I <3 emoji’s. I LOL a lot in real life.

I use !! a lot because I am a happy and enthusiastic person!

My favorite phrases include: no worries, erh muh gawd, gotcha (this may be a Midwest slang phrase), for the win, and same same.

Wrinkly new baby fingers and toes are my kryptonite.

I want to learn all the time; teach me all the things!